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Star Wars Mando Reveal: Who's behind the door!?

Disney+ recently released the Making of the Final Episode of Mandalorian Season 2. (Last 2 photos are from that.)

I’m old. I was 13 and saw the original Star Wars in the theater when it came out in ‘77 and was nuts about it. So it’s a real trip that I got to work as a sculptor on the Mandalorian series which has had such a huge impact on the franchise. The photos are from what was a one day, super rush job. The direction was, make this metal door with overlapping panels that has to open and close look like it was punched by a robot. I had zero idea that frickin’ Mark Hamill was going to be walking through it a few days later. I didn’t know until I watched the episode with everyone else when it dropped and absolutely freaked out when Luke Skywalker walked through the door I had a part in sculpting. Not only that, but the most Badass Super Jedi Luke Skywalker to ever appear on screen. How cool is that? Good time to be a Nerd.

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