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New Barbarian Series

Disc Golf United commissioned me to give the Ol' Skulboy treatment to some of Innova's most popular molds. The idea was to take the designs to a place before the Robots. A place Darker,... Older... a more Barbaric time. (Please re-read the last two lines slowly, and in the deepest voice you can muster)

I was let loose on designing a hot stamp for DESTROYER, FIREBIRD and WRAITH. Initially the idea was to have all three done and be able to release them on consecutive days during a major Disc Golf Tournament. That plan changed however and the designs were temporarily put on a shelf. And then, The Pandemic happened.

I got some excellent input for the artwork from DGU and was super happy with how these came out. That's why it was excruciating to not be able to show these to anyone for 2 years!

They finally debuted starting April, 2021 and have been a hit.

Not only that, but DGU is referring to it as the NEW Barbarian Series, so expect to see Skulboy dark takes on more classic Innova molds in the coming months.

Below I'm sharing some of the rough sketch ideas that DGU picked from and Art Directed through to the final art.

The Wraith design went from a shadowy, ninja type woman to a Mummy/Ghoul character.

Direction for Destroyer was, No Robot. Maybe something more Ancient, some Legendary character that would one day inspire the design of a futuristic Robot.

Here's how DGU described the Skulboy Barbarian DESTROYER when it was released:

“The popular artist known simply as Skulboy applied his signature style to reimagine the Destroyer as a Medieval Barbarian Warrior.

More about the stamp: You’d definitely want him on your side for your next skirmish on the course. Skulboy uses his signature crosshatching and gritty style to give this goliath a dark & menacing presence.”

I've had a real blast drawing these and hope everyone is digging them.

Keep on the lookout for more in the future.

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